Dear Parents

September 27, 2020


Dear Parents,


I can do nothing but praise God that we have gotten through five weeks of school. I do not think I will ever stop counting. I am so grateful!


With that being said, I want to let you know should one of our students stay home because of illness I will be calling the parents/guardians to find out if the absence was due to a COVID symptom. If it is a COVID symptom that child must stay home for ten days. The only way to speed up the ten days is for the child to have a test. If the test is negative, they can come back after they have had no symptoms for 24 hours.


You are doing the school and all the other parents a HUGE favor by one child staying home as opposed to the whole school having to go distance learning. We will see that the child staying home will get their educational learning during this time. We thank you all for working so hard to keep our students safe. By being careful in the PM and weekends, wearing masks and maintaining six feet of distance (which of late is what is found to be the most important), we are able to keep going in-person. Again, THANK YOU! 


This week we have Week Of Prayer (WOP). Pastor Kurtz will be giving us a special message everyday this week on a parable from the Bible. Thank you, Pastor, for this extra time you will be spending with us! A special thank you for Taylor Galvin too as she has organized some student involvement with WOP, thanks, Taylor!


Frog Fest is Wednesday. I have been reminding the students to get caught up in their journals and tests. Ribbit, ribbit:)



Mrs. Hay