Dear Parents

April 9, 2021


Dear Parents,


I am sending our parent letter early so you have a little more time to process.


First, there are some online Bible studies that you may be interested in.  Hopefully, they are archived if you do attend but cannot view them all.  To sign up go to

Do not register, but instead "buy a ticket."  The studies are FREE, no worries.


Second, we have an amazing opportunity to leave the school and have free swim lessons at the YMCA.  We have done this for years.  There are eight sessions.  Lord willing, we will try to get in as many as we can.  We usually leave the school before lunch, go to a park and eat, and then swim.  We are back by dismissal time.  Students can be picked up at the YMCA at 2:30 or we have the students back to the school by 3:00.  I know there are concerns with Covid.  Therefore, I have included the aquatic directors email to me at the end of this letter.  We would transport the children and keep them together by families in the vehicles.  We would take a 12 capacity van and two cars to spread the students out as much as possible.  All our drivers have been vaccinated.  Masks will be worn at all times except when we are in the water.  We hope you will consent to this, but we understand and respect your wishes.  This becomes our PE for that day and all students can attend and improve their swimming skills.  The YMCA  does an excellent job offering classes that fit the different abilities.  We will talk about this more at conference time on Monday.  However, our first session could be as early as Thursday, April 15.   


Lastly, just a reminder about conferences, Monday, April 12:)


Hope you are having a break that fits the need!



Mrs. Hay