Dear Parents

November 17, 2019
Dear Parents,
We have a special treat this week for our students. It is our Week of Prayer (WOP). We thank Pastor Bobocea for daily leading out in this. The topic will be on the character of God. Please pray for God's spirit to especially be close to us all this week as the devil would like nothing more than to come between us and this positive experience. You are welcome to join us any day for worship time. It begins promptly after our 8:30 Pledge of Allegiance.
Mrs. Hay
Monday, Nov. 18--WOP with Pastor Cris and Pickle Ball
Tuesday, Nov. 19--WOP with Pastor Cris
Wednesday, Nov. 20--WOP with Pastor Cris and Choir Practice
Thursday, Nov. 21--WOP with Pastor Cris; Piano Lessons and Tone Chimes with Mr. and Mrs. Murchy
Friday, Nov. 22--WOP with Pastor Cris and Choir Practice