Dear Parents

Dear Parents,
We are so thankful  Ms. Hay (not Mrs. Hay:) taught us this past week about story telling while making a fun video. She began by showing one of her own videos and then brainstorming with the students about story elements: beginning, rising, action, etc. Then Ms. Hay challenged the students to create their own story. The students then got to experience real film making and editing. You can watch our video on Facebook and YouTube. Please come back again anytime, Ms. Hay! 
We will be having a spirit week starting tomorrow. The students have selected the following for the daily fun:
Monday--Pajama/Crazy Hair Day
Tuesday--Western/Farmer Duds Day
Wednesday--60's-70's (Bright Colors) Day
Thursday--Sports Day
Friday--Color Day: Lower Graders-Blue; Upper Graders-Black
If you enjoy Country Gospel Music, see the attached flyer for the free concert this Saturday evening at the GHSDA Church. Mr. Mills was a member of Keepers of the Faith.
The end of this week marks the halfway point for our school year; it has gone so fast! Not only is this weekend the end of second quarter, it is also a three-day weekend. Enjoy that extra day off on Monday, January 20.
Mrs. Hay
Monday--Worship and Pickle Ball with Pastor Bobocea
Wednesday--Worship with Pastor Kurtz
Thursday--Piano Lessons and Tone Chimes with Mr. and Mrs. Murchy
Friday--End Second Quarter