Dear Parents

October 18,2020


Dear Parents, Constituent Members, and Friends,


We wanted to share some new happenings out at the school: Some new signs! One is a new mascot sign and the other an entryway sign. 


The design of the gull came from Grays Harbor Church member Penny Palolo's mother. Years ago, Penny's mother made a beautiful stained glass. It is from this design that the idea of  "GHACS Gulls" came. See the attached images:)


This Tuesday is an important date for our standardized testing. MAP Testing will happen three times a year at our school. Carisa Carr will be joining us on Tuesday to help with the testing. This testing helps us determine any weaknesses the students may have in their learning so we can focus on these needs.


Also attached is a photo of a 12x12 bound, hot pink rug. The sale of this will benefit the school, please spread the word!



Mrs. Hay