Dear Parents

February 23, 2020
Dear Parents,
Thank you again for the great turnout and support at the February Festival. It was so much fun and good to see you all out!
I want to let you know that swim lessons begin March 3. This is part of our P.E. curriculum. We will load vehicles at 12:30 and leave the school by 12:40. Parents can pick their students up at the YMCA at 2:30 or back at the school at 3:00. We will continue with this schedule every Tuesday through April.
We have a sign up for next year/Open House at the school on March 8 from 2:00-4:00. Swing by and have some refreshments and pick up a few free office supplies. 
Please like, love, react, interact, and share the event with friends, family, and anyone who might be interested in a Christian educational experience on social media.
Mrs. Vaughn will be in for me on Thursday and Friday and I cannot do the AM carpool. I will be in Auburn at Art Festival with some of our upper graders. There is school on both of these days:)
Mrs. Hay
Monday, Feb. 24--Worship and Pickle Ball with Pastor Bobocea
Tuesday, Feb. 25--Piano Lessons with Mr. and Mrs. Murchy
Wednesday, Feb. 26--Worship with Pastor Kurtz; EasyCBM testing
Thursday, Feb. 27--7:00 AM departure from the school Art Festival students
Friday, Feb. 28--Frog Fest