Dear Parents

September 17, 2018
Dear Parents,
The following two weeks we will be giving our students, grades 3-10, the IOWA  Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) on Monday-Wednesday. This is our standardize test to help us know how our students compare across the nation. We will be testing in the morning from 9:30-10:30. Please be extra sure that your student(s) has a good breakfast and plenty of rest. 
Our Pie Social/Open House/Silent Food Auction will be Sept. 27. We will begin the evening with a potluck at 6:00. If you can also bring a pie to share and any food items for our auction, that would be super! Bake goods, entrees, home canning items, and desserts, all make good auction items. The students will sing a few songs that they have been working on at 7:00. After a quick introduction of staff we will commence to eating pie (yum) and bid on silent food items. The evening will conclude at 8:00. Invite your family and friends for this fun-filled and tasty event!
Mrs. Hay
Monday, Sept. 17--Worship with Pastor Cristian 8:30 (No Pickleball); ITBS; Lego Robotics 1:30
Tuesday, Sept. 18--ITBS
Wednesday, Sept. 19--ITBS
Thursday, Sept. 20--Piano Lessons and Tone Chimes with Mr. and Mrs. Murchy

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