Dear Parents

March 22, 2020
Dear Parents,
We want to thank you for your support while we guide your children. You have been helpful in seeing that your students are up and ready to go each day:) We feel that the students are still learning!
Below is a link if the students want to take some virtual tours. I played around with this a little. Some tours seem to work better than others. It is something to enrich their day as we are not doing any social studies for some of our students.
For Tuesday's Bible (Bible Heart Art) any text or symbol of God could be used. I look forward to seeing the creations through the Internet.
I want to share something I read yesterday. In this Bible version John 8:12 it said (Jesus is speaking here): "I am the Light of the world, and the person who follows me will no longer have to feel his way through the darkness, but will be able to walk into the future with certainty because he is following the Light." 
In the same chapter verse 29 says (Jesus speaking): "The One who sent me is with me. When I came here, my Father didn't leave me."
I found it a comfort to know we can walk into the future with certainty and that we are not alone.
We are praying for our families.
Mrs. Hay