Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School

The Classroom

Grays Harbor Adventist Christian School offers grades K-8.  Students are offered a full course of study with special emphasis on student learning and student acheivment.  Students receive individualized instruction everyday.

While the educational systems of the world seek to impart knowledge, Seventh-day Adventist education seeks to acquaint students with the Source of all knowledge. While the world hypothesizes about origins, we teach that “in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” (Gen. 1:1).  Adventist education provides a meaningful worldview built around creation, the fall, redemption, re-creation, and is derived from the Bible only.

Within the context of this worldview, students are encouraged to develop and grow in a wholistic way—spiritually, physically, intellectually, and socially in a family environment. Service to God and others is emphasized. Restoration of the image of God in every human being is the object of education and life. It strengthens character, fortifies the mind against evil, and prepares the learner for a life of service to God and others.